Centre for Equine Assisted Learning & Wellness Gippsland

Workshops & Clinics


Facilities at the CEALP are available for hire for clinics, workshops and functions. Where these are open to the general public they are advertised below.

Ian Leighton 4-Day Clinic October 14-16, 2017

With over 35 years of experience in the horse industry Ian is one of Australia’s most experienced clinicians. Ian teaches sound principles in the art or horsemanship, including the essential components to achieve relaxation, softness, engagement, energy and balance for both horse and rider.. Essential components regardless of discipline or riding style.

Noora Ehnqvist 2-Day Clinic January 30 & 31, 2018


The fundament is to understand and recognize the true nature of the horse and the human, also behind possible protective or ambitious layers, and to allow and encourage open, authentic expressing.

Through this, an honest and soft cooperation can start to be formed; togetherness in which both the horse and the human present

*inner and outer balance
softness with clearness
*joy and lightness
mental and physical readiness for their tasks

More about Noora – https://sensitivehorse.com/about-noora/


Workshops are facilitated with the intention of offering participants the opportunity to develop self and relational awareness, emotional intelligence and awareness patterns that are no longer serving them in life. In relationship with the horse you will deepen into the way of the horse supporting pathways for growth, healing and change.


Group work offers you the opportunity to interact with our horses in a supportive environment that focuses on learning to be more horse.


At the basis of a good relationship with any horse is trust and respect.  Horsemanship combined with Equine Assisted Learning develops confidence and awareness for the young person or adult.

Classes are available with Jinxi, Leon , Ruby and Ella




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