Centre for Equine Assisted Learning & Wellness Gippsland

Why Horses?

wellnessEquine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy (EAL/P) incorporates horses in the process of emotional growth and learning. The outcome is a collaborative effort between the practitioner, the clients and the horse or herd.

The Centre for Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy’s vision is to establish a centre that caters for individuals and groups keen to explore personal growth and change within a supportive Equine centred environment.

Horses are an integral part of this therapy as their non-verbal feedback can be powerful. When a person makes a change in behaviour, feeling or intention, the horse’s response changes. Non-verbal feedback from horses can be powerful and effect change with clients, including those unable to verbalise or reflect.

The presence of calm and healthy horses can contribute to feelings of calm, confidence and develop trust in ‘others’. Experiences with a herd can also facilitate exploration of relationships or ‘family herds’.

Horses offer an authentic, honest relationship free of judgment or interpretation. Their heightened sensitivity and natural instincts mean they respond to subtle changes in the world around them, including each person, uniquely. Horses offer the client immediate and sometimes profound feedback.

I currently have a herd of 7 horses of various ages and breeds.

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